CapiInfo 1.0

CapiInfo 1.0: Displays the capabilities and driver version of an ISDN CAPI adapter. Displays the driver version and capiabilities of an installed ISDN CAPI adapter, like manufacturer, B1/B2/B3 protocols, supplementary services and others.

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PhoneFax ISDN English 2.0

Using PhoneFax you can send faxes and emails (the fax will be attached to the email in .dcx or .jpg format), you can send faxes to a group of recipients (having fax or email). Using filters you can save incoming or outgoing faxes to different folders and assign actions to these folders (fax forwarding, send SMS, send to a group of recipients, send a voice message, printout). Via PhoneOffice you can even change the fax forwarding number.

outgoing, actions, folders, send, filters, attached, faxes, group, emails, incoming, recipients

TERAVoice Server 2004: TERAVoice is a high-performance telephony platform for Windows.
TERAVoice Server 2004

ISDN telephony board into your file-server and get your telephony solution started at very low cost, while maintaining scaleability through being able to switch to a dedicated system for higher loads later. Hardware Through its integrated TAPI and CAPI interfaces TERAVoice is able to support a wide range of telephony hardware starting from simple voice modem up to Multi-PRI ISDN boards or professional TAPI-based telephony boards even in mixed configurations

telephony, gateway, javascript, isdn, h 323, modem, voicemail, server, mail, h323, pstn, bridge, voip

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ISpy ISDN Monitor 2.01

Sorry, no english version available.

ispy, abweisen, anzeige, rufumleitung, namenszuweisung, monitor, isdn

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Calling-Us Professional ISDN-Suite Rev.10/2004

Calling-Us Professional is the unified messaging solution for highest claims. Here is a list of some features: Answering equipment, message request, Voice-to-eMail, PC-Telephone, Call forwarding, eMail-forwarding, eMail-To-Fax, eMail-To-Voice, eMail-notifications, VIP-welcome, Web-info, Eurofile-data server, caller identification, and more... Calling-Us Standard has less features. Ssee for details!

capi, e mail, dtmf, isdn, phone, serial fax, unified messaging, faxrequest, call forwarding, answering machine

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eCall 3GPP InBand PSAP IVS Server 2.01

eCall PSAP and 3gpp Inband Modem Server that decodes MSD/FDS (eCall Router Inband Router) and post the information to the enterprise level application platform. (E.g. Webservice, database, or application). The system works on a Linux platform which supports both VOIP and ISDN calls. Gradient Technologies provide server software for the eCall in-band modem for the reliable transmission of MSD from an In-Vehicle System (IVS) to the Public Safety.

en 16062, esafety, 3gpp, fcen ts, modem, en 15722, gradient software, emergency, server, inband router, ecall router, telematics, en 16102

InJoy Dialer 3: Market`s most complete range of mission-critical connectivity features.
InJoy Dialer 3

InJoy Dialer adds unprecedented flexibility, intelligent automation and intuitive control to traditional modem- and ISDN-based dial-up networking. In addition to a wealth of mission-critical connectivity options, the InJoy Dialer provides modern Internet collaboration features, such as next-generation firewall security, seamless IPSec VPN integration, superior Internet gateway capability, intuitive management and complete control.

internet gateway, oem firewall, multi platform, embedded firewall, next generation firewall, anti virus, linux firewall, cross platform, intrusion detection, dial in, injoy, personal firewall, dial up

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